Nice day at the Dutch HAM radio convention (DVDRA) with the DVMEGA development team.



YSF reflector dashboard

YSF reflector dashboard

Echotest with BlueDV and DVMEGA


Working hard to get Fusion working on BlueDV!

Sometimes some sound interrupts on TX but will be solved by Guus PE1PLM soon.


Fusion almost working on BlueDV and DVMEGA



Just ordered this board for my EchoLink project


For more info:

I ordered the VHF board for now until the UHF board is finished.


New toy arrived!

My new toy arrived!! Yaesu FT2D with APRS and Fusion!


Information on the Blue Stack Shields – What does what!


Working on a Windows version of BlueDV ( DMR only )

Working on a BlueDV windows version. DMR only!

Software will be also free.



DMR on a Arduino UNO

Funny project… ( not finished )

What I used:

– DVMEGA dual band on a Arduino MEGA
– Arduino UNO with ethernet module
– Hytera PD-365
– ( software I wrote)

The UNO is logged on to DMR and sending the DMR frames to the DVMEGA.

At this moment I can only listen to DMR. Hope to have time soon to make the transmit part.


Connection to HAMNET

Two weeks ago I placed a Mikrotik RBSXT-5nDr2 on the roof of my house.

Yesterday I managed to get the HAMNET connection from my house to the Alticom Tower in Ijsselstein. My public 44.x.x.x ip address is operational now!















The distance between my house and the tower is around 8km.














More information/configuration will follow soon!!