BlueDV for Windows beta ( DMR, DSTAR and Fusion )

BlueDV for windows is free DMR /DSTAR/Fusion hotspot software for your PC.

Supported Protocols

  • FUSION ( YSF, FCS ) ( Radio only )
  • DMR ( Brandmeister, DMR+ )

What you will need

  • Windows 7 or above ( 32 or 64 Bits ) ( make sure you have .NET frameworks 4.5 or newer installed! )
  • Intel PC or Windows 10 tablet
  • Hotspot:

DVMEGA with BlueStack ( you connect the DVMEGA and BlueStack directly on your PC via USB or Bluetooth)
What hardware to use
Combitronics sells a complete solution: Bundle


ZUM radio ( NEW )

  • DMR, DSTAR or FUSION radio
  • ( new is the ThumbDV or DVMEGA DVStick30 support  ( DSTAR, DMR  ). Download pre BETA version. )

How it all works

  • Download the software from
  • Plug the DVMEGA into your serial port. ( do not forget the switch on the BlueStack, push the red switch in! )
  • Look in the Windows device manager on what port the DVMEGA is.
  • Start the BlueDV windows application.
  • Goto setup and fill in your Call, freq. etc..
  • Press Connect.. Done!

No Raspberry PI needed! No Linux knowledge needed. Online in a few minutes.
If you own a DVMEGA and BlueStack, you can also use my other free app if you are traveling with your Android phone. See

If you want to connect the TGIF network, use this document: Add TGIF to BlueDV

AMBE3000 ( DVSI ) addition

If your hear an over modulated voice on DMR, please ask the amateur to disable AGC on his radio!!!

In the new BETA release of BlueDV for Windows it is possible to use a NWDR ThumbDV™  or DVMEGA DVStick 30 ( you need an original DVSI chip! ). With the ThumbDV™ or DVMEGA DVStick30 you can make a ( DSTAR or DMR ) QSO without a radio.
All you only need a Windows PC, ThumbDV™ DV3000 or DVMEGA DVStick 30 and a sound card ( headset is recommended to filter background noise ).

You can find more information about the AMBE 3000 stick here :

Manual in English by JA3GQJ  : English Manual BlueDV version 9522
Manual in Japanse by JA3GQJ : Japanese Manual BlueDV version 9522

Nice French site :

Other nice documentation from JA3GQJ :

See operating manual for DMR on BlueDV. bluedv-windows-ambe



I am not a company! I just wrote the software for fun! ( I have no commercial link with DVMEGA, combitronics, NWDR or others )
Hope you have a lot of fun with the software!! It is really fun to make it!!

Have fun!

David PA7LIM

Handy links:

DSTAR ( to much to mention )