BlueDV for Windows beta ( DMR, DSTAR and Fusion )

You can also run it on a Windows 10 tablet. ( Thanks Vince VE3ELB for the photos! )

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Upgrade your DVMEGA to version 3.14 or higher!!!!! 

( hint for the new version!! Double click on the lower three boxes to switch between modes. Fun! )

BlueDV for windows is free DMR /DSTAR/Fusion hotspot software for your PC.

Supported Protocols

  • DMR ( Brandmeister, DMR+ )

What you will need

  • Windows 7 or above ( 32 or 64 Bits ) ( make sure you have .net frameworks 4.5 installed! )
  • Intel PC or Windows 10 tablet
  • DVMEGA with BlueStack ( you connect the DVMEGA and BlueStack directly on your PC via USB or Bluetooth)
    What hardware to use
    Combitronics sells a complete solution: Bundle
  • DMR, DSTAR or FUSION radio
  • ( new is the ThumbDV DV3000U support  ( DSTAR ). Download pre BETA version 9393 or newer. )

How it all works

  • Download the software from
  • Plug the DVMEGA into your serial port. ( do not forget the switch on the BlueStack, push the red switch in! )
  • Look in the Windows device manager on what port the DVMEGA is.
  • Start the BlueDV windows application.
  • Goto setup and fill in your Call, freq. etc..
  • Press Connect.. Done!

No Raspberry PI needed! No Linux knowledge needed. Online in a few minutes.
If you own a DVMEGA and BlueStack, you can also use my other free app if you are traveling with your Android phone. See


ThumbDV addition ( Experimental )

In the new pre BETA release of BlueDV for Windows it is possible to use a NWDR ThumbDV DV3000U. With the ThumbDV you can make a ( DSTAR or DMR ) QSO without a radio.
All you only need a Windows PC, ThumbDV DV3000U and a sound card ( headset is recommended to filter background noise ).

More information about the ThumbDV can be found here:

There is also a forum about the ThumbDV at :

See operating manual for DMR on BlueDV. bluedv-windows-ambe





I am not a company! I just wrote the software for fun! ( I have no commercial link with DVMEGA, combitronics or others )
Hope you have a lot of fun with the software!! Was really fun to make it!!

If you have found a bug, please email me! Reporting bugs makes the software better and better!

Have fun!

David PA7LIM

Handy links:

DSTAR ( to much to mention )