Working on new free software.. This time no digital mode but analog over internet. So make a QSO with an analog radio via the DVAP ( Red Dongle ). So use the DVAP as an analog hotspot 🙂

Suppored hardware

  • For now only the DVAP.  ( there will be cheaper solution soon that can also do DSTAR, DMR, Fusion and P25 )

Supported OS

  • Windows 7 and later ( .NET 4.5  needed)

Supported radio’s

  • Any analog radio. ( Do not use DSTAR mode on your radio!! )


You can download the software here :

For me it also all experimental and do not know how the reflector is going with more users.

This is how the client looks like.

There are several rooms where you can connect to. You do not have to disconnect to switch between rooms!
When someone is talking, you can see his call on the screen and also his RSSI.


This is the setup screen.

DVAP serial is the COM port of the DVAP
Frequency is the frequency in Hz. Keep in mind!! 9 digits!!
Frequency tune is the QRG ( or something.. )
Power is the TX power of the DVAP
Call is your call
Reflector IP is the hostname of the reflector.
Port 6667 is where the reflector is listening on


You can see who is online via the reflector dashboard :

The reflector software is written by me and not connected to other networks.
I also wrote a bridge between analog and DSTAR. You can make a QSO on REF001C, REF030C and XRF076D. Maybe I will add more later.


Update October 2018

I also wrote a test version for the Inrico TM-7.  The sound quality is amazing.


Keep in mind.. Is it experimental!

Have fun!

David PA7LIM