Welcome to my new Treehouse project!

The treehouse project is an YSF reflector with multiple rooms. You can change rooms via the dashboard or DGID on your radio.

I completely wrote the Fusion reflector software, dashboard and admin portal from scratch. Took me some weeks to accomplish this. Learned a lot about CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Java and of course Fusion. Many thanks for my testers PE1KZU, PD1AEU, EA7IYR and Dutch Fusion group.

Reflector name : EUROPELINK -> Dashboard

Reflector name : WORLDLINK ->Dashboard

DMR master : Dashboard

  • Features
  • Supports multiple rooms
  • See radio model on the dashboard
  • Supports VW and DN mode
  • Change rooms on dashboard
  • Change rooms with DGID on your radio ( BlueDV and OpenSpot ) PISTAR is not supporting this.
  • Remembers last connected room
  • One dashboard that shows all QSO’s on all rooms
  • Supports multiple logins

Have fun!

David PA7LIM