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BlueDV-AMBE for Android ( DSTAR and DMR )


The idea:

You connect the ThumbDV to your Windows PC and start BlueDV AMBE Server. Then you start the BlueDV AMBE on your Android device and connect it over WIFI/4G to your PC. Now you can make a DSTAR or DMR QSO with your Android device. So you talk and listen to your phone and not a radio.

What to do:

  • Download the Windows AMBE server from the following link.
  • Install and run the BlueDV AMBE Server on a Windows 7 or 10 machine.
  • Select the Serial port and correct baud rate. Press start and the AMBE3000 ( ThumbDV )  hardware will appear. If not.. Then you selected the wrong COM poort or used the wrong baud rate.

  • Check the ip address of your Windows PC that is running the BlueDV AMBEServer.
  • Install the BlueDV AMBE android version from the google BETA store.
  • Now start BlueDV AMBE and go to setup. Enter your call and enter your Windows PC IP address at “AMBEServ IP”.
  • Now you can connect to the AMBE Server by pressing the connect button.
  • Now you can make DSTAR and DMR QSO’s and talk to your phone or tablet.
  • Press the middle of the screen to PTT. ( keep in mind!! No kill timer. )

( You can also open port 2460 UDP on your internet router to use the Android device remotely. Then you have to specify the public internet ip in BlueDV AMBE )

If you already have an AMBEServer running on Linux, you can connect the BlueDV AMBE for Android to your existing AMBEServer.

See for more information.

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Nice documents in French about setting up AMBEServer on Linux.
AMBEServer document1
AMBEServer document2

Have fun!

David PA7LIM