Introducing BlueDV Connect ( Free Software )

Experience seamless D-STAR QSOs on your Android device with BlueDV Connect, designed specifically for use with the Kenwood TH-D75. This user-friendly software eliminates the need for a hotspot, connecting directly via Bluetooth for an effortless ham radio experience.

Key features

  • Direct D-STAR QSOs: Connect your Kenwood TH-D75 to your Android device without needing a hotspot.
  • Background Operation: Run BlueDV Connect in the background. Remember to close the app when finished.
  • Favorites List: Easily create and manage a list of your preferred D-STAR reflectors.
  • Android Widget: Monitor QSO and reflector status directly from your home screen.
  • ‘Last Heard’ Feature: Look up calls at
  • Wear OS Integration: View caller details on your Android Wear watch.
  • DSTAR APRS(Experimental): Sent DSTAR GPS information to ( see: bluedv-connect-aprs )
  • BlueStack support: It also pairs with your BlueStack to use your ICOM radio.

Hardware requirements

  • Android phone or tablet (Android version 7.0.1 or higher).
  • Kenwood TH-D75.
  • (Optional) Android wear watch (Wear OS 4 or newer).

Downloads and Instructions:

  • Download BlueDV Connect: Available for free on the Android Play Store ([LINK]).
  • Pairing Instructions: Learn how to connect your Kenwood TH-D75 with your Android device ([LINK]).
  • FAQs: Find answers to common questions ([LINK]).

Acknowledgments and Disclaimer:

A special thank you to Shin JL1IBD for his invaluable ideas and motivation throughout this project. Also, heartfelt gratitude to my beta testers for their essential feedback.

Please note, I am an individual developer, not a company. This software was created as a hobby project, and I was not paid for its development. I hope you enjoy using BlueDV Connect as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Have fun!
David PA7LIM