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New Peanut beta version 2.4.2

New in version 2.4.2 You can see who is online in a room Some protocol additions towards the server You will receive a message when there is a new Peanut version available Bug fixes VOX mode ( press CTRL-F10 ) Be carefull with this feature! PTT and SQL control via serial port Add the following …

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Manual howto use packet with peanut

Treehouse DMR

Last weeks I am working on a new DMR master. The server is written from scratch and really fun to make and learn more from the DMR protocol.

Doozy in AmateurLogic.TV

Just deployed a new version of Doozy version

See more about this DSTAR terminal project on : doozy


Eduardo PY2JU made nice video about the Fusion WORLDLINK reflector.

BlueDV AMBEServer 3003 for Windows

I uploaded an EXPERIMENTAL version of BlueDV AMBEServer 3003.You can use one AMBE3003 to split in three AMBE3000 AMBEServers.Now you can connect three devices e.g. BlueDV Windows, BlueDV Android and Buster ( Mac ) at the same time. As I mentioned, very experimental. No support!

Treehouse Project

Working on new Fusion reflector

Last weeks I worked on a new Fusion reflector. The new reflector has the following features ( and there will be more ) Multi room Fusion reflector Switch rooms via dashboard Switch rooms via DGID in radio ( Only BlueDV and Openspot) Supports DN and VW mode Return in room last connected room See radio …

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ThumbDV AMBE3000 is on sale now!