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BlueDV Connect

Picture by Jose CT4TX

Kenwood TH-D75 at the JARL HAM fair in Tokyo (2023)

My daughter Feline made this beautiful Peanut ICON with ProCreate on the Apple IPAD pro. (proud!)

ZUM AMBE Server case

I created a box for the ZUM AMBEServer. You can download it from

New NXDN server for testing

I developed a new NXDN reflector with number 711. It is a multi room reflector so you can switch rooms from the dashboard while connected to the reflector. When you send messages with your NXDN radio, the messages will be displayed in the middle of the dashboard. Have fun!

New Peanut beta version 2.4.2

New in version 2.4.2 You can see who is online in a room Some protocol additions towards the server You will receive a message when there is a new Peanut version available Bug fixes VOX mode ( press CTRL-F10 ) Be carefull with this feature! PTT and SQL control via serial port Add the following …

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Manual howto use packet with peanut

Treehouse DMR

Last weeks I am working on a new DMR master. The server is written from scratch and really fun to make and learn more from the DMR protocol.

Doozy in AmateurLogic.TV

Just deployed a new version of Doozy version

See more about this DSTAR terminal project on : doozy