With Doozy for Windows you can make QSO’s via your Windows PC on DSTAR ( DPLUS, DEXTRA, DCS and XLX ). There is no need for a hotspot. Just connect your ICOM IC-705 to your Windows PC with an USB datacable and connect it to your favorite DSTAR reflector/repeater.

  • The software is free to use
  • Download Doozy from the link:
  • Download and install the ICOM serial drivers from the ICOM website ( important! )
  • Install Doozy on your Windows 10 or 11 machine and go to the setup. Enter your call and select the correct COM port.
  • [Menu] -> [Set] -> [Connectors] -> [MOD Input] -> [DATA OFF MOD] set this to MIC,USB
  • [MENU] ->[2]->[DV GW]-> [Gateway Select]-> [External Gateway (USB (B))]-> [<<Terminal Mode>>]
  • Set your call in the radio. [MENU]->[SET]->[My Station]->[My Call Sign]->Long press [1:] -> [Edit] -> Enter your call e.g. PA7LIM/705
  • Set the ICOM IC-705 in Terminal mode. [MENU] -> [2] -> [DV GW] -> [<<Terminal Mode>>]
  • In Doozy, switch ON and connect to your favorite reflector.

Doozy is tested on :

  • ICOM IC-705
  • ICOM ID-52
  • ICOM 9700 ( needs special cable OPC-2350LU)
  • ICOM ID-51 plus 2 ( needs special cable OPC-2350LU)
  • ICOM 31 plus ( needs special cable OPC-2350LU)

Not tested

  • ICOM ID-4100 ( needs special cable OPC-2350LU)

Facebook group :

Hints and TIPs

  • Works only on Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Use an USB data cable max 1 meter long.
  • Make sure you are USTRUST registered before you use REF001 or REF030 reflector. Nobody will hear you without registration.
  • Set USB MOD level on 50%-70% on your IC-705 radio. ( this is microphone level for USB )
  • [Menu] -> [Set] -> [Connectors] -> [MOD Input] -> [DATA OFF MOD] set this to MIC,USB

Changelog : doozy-changelog

Have fun!
David PA7LIM