BlueDV and Peanut on Amateurlogic TV

Experimenting with Peanut on Samsung Gear.

Did some experiments with Tizen ( operating system Samsung ) and Peanut. The Peanut application runs natively on the Watch, no phone needed. I having a lot of issues with the sound code. Sometimes the soundbuffer is filled an the device completely hangs.. Maybe I will continue when a new Tizen version comes out and all bugs are solved.

New ZUM radio stick

Wow! Today I received the new ZUM radio! What a nice device! The size is equal to a ThumbDV/DVStick30 or an USB stick. The device comes in a nice box and antenna is included. In the upcoming days I will test the device with BlueDV Windows.

Upcoming Peanut version for Windows

Upcoming Peanut Windows version works with your soundcard. Will be available soon. ( hope before 15 feb 2019 )

BlueDV on AmateurLogic TV

JARL Ham Fair 2018

I want to thank the Japanese reflector lovers club for inviting us to their booth! It was an amazing experience!

Tokyo HAM Fair 2018 booth J-31

Tokyo HAM Fair 25st and 26st august 2018.

Come and visit the XRF reflector club, Guus PE1PLM ( DVMEGA ) and  David PA7LIM ( BlueDV ) at the Tokyo HAM fair at booth nr J-31 ( XRF reflector club ) .

JARL Tokyo HAM Fair

Tokyo HAM Fair 2018

Today Guus PE1PLM and I  booked the tickets to the Tokyo HAM Fair 2018!!!

Can’t wait!!

Some photos from Friedrichshafen 2018

Drinking beer with Peter KM4JXP, Jonathan G4KLX, David PA7LIM and Guus PE1PLM


All members of MMDVM, Brandmeister, DVMEGA and BlueDV


Hans PA0Q, Rob PA3EKE, Guus PE1PLM and David PA7LIM.

Luc LX1IQ and me.

XLX addition

Adding an extra radio button for XLX. Now you can always connect to XLX hosts managed by the XLX team. No need for adding hosts in the XRF/DCS or REF hosts files.

Will be available in the next release.