ThumbDV AMBE3000 is on sale now!

AMBE3003 with DVStick33

Created a AMBE3003 server that simulates 3x AMBE3000 with one DVStick33.

Now you can connect three devices to one DVStick33.
port 2460 to BlueDV Android AMBE
port 2461 to Peanut transcoder
port 2462 to BlueDV Windows

The software is also available for Linux(RaspBerry PI). ambeserver-3003-for-linux

ZUM AMBE board

Today Jim KI6ZUM introduced a new AMBE board. The board can be connected via Serial, Ethernet or WiFi. The board supports auto reset so when the AMBE3000 is not responsive, the AMBE will get an automatic reset.

See for more info:

Tommy installs and reports on the ZumSpot on BlueDV and much more. ( Amateurlogic.TV )

WOW! Two articles in the FUNK Amateur about my projects!

Cafecast Interview with Milton WP3MH on the peaunt app.

Peanut University – Install Peanut

BlueDV and Peanut on Amateurlogic TV

Experimenting with Peanut on Samsung Gear.

Did some experiments with Tizen ( operating system Samsung ) and Peanut. The Peanut application runs natively on the Watch, no phone needed. I having a lot of issues with the sound code. Sometimes the soundbuffer is filled an the device completely hangs.. Maybe I will continue when a new Tizen version comes out and all bugs are solved.

New ZUM radio stick

Wow! Today I received the new ZUM radio! What a nice device! The size is equal to a ThumbDV/DVStick30 or an USB stick. The device comes in a nice box and antenna is included. In the upcoming days I will test the device with BlueDV Windows.