Feb 08

My new echolink hotspot!

I was looking for a lightwight echolink hotspot for within my house. I have one hotspot for DSTAR ( see picture ) but never found a solution for echolink.IMG_20140527_203049
On ebay I found the DRA818U ( UHF ) and DRA818V ( VHF). Both transceivers are very small and have many options like CTCSS, SQL pins, serial poort for configuration changes and a good frequency range.
See specs: DRA818U – Dorji

The software I use is svxlink version 14.08. In this version you can use the GPIO pins on the Raspberry PI.
Keep in mind that the DRA818 is working on 3.3V. You can see in my picture below that I use the 3,3V from the raspberry. Please don’t do this on older models of the raspberry PI!
This will fry your raspberry!! Older raspberry’s can only give 50mA!!

On the DRA818 there is also a squelch PIN ( pin1 ). This pin is connected to one of the pins on the raspberry. This is a VERY handy solution for the detection of the incoming signal!!!!
In the past  I tried a lot of solutions in svxlink like VOX or CTCTSS. Most of the time CTCSS is filtered in the transceiver and VOX is to slow.

I left the DRA818 on low power. So it will not use more than 500mA an can be powered by the raspberry. If you put it in hight power the DRA818 will be very hot and eventually die. you have to cool the device.

Now I want to make a shield for it so I can put it directly on the raspberry.


Feb 01

Yesterday I received my new DMR radio.

PD7L - PD-368

Yesterday I received my new PD-36X DMR radio!

Oct 29

BETA version of ircDDB remote for iPhone/iPad available!


After a few nights and weekends coding in Objective C and Swift I finished the first BETA version of the ircDDB remote for IOS.

For anyone who wants to test the BETA. Please sent me an email ( info@pd7l.nl ) with your apple id email adres!
Apple provides an BETA deployment solution that only works on an IOS 8 device!!

This beta version of ircDDB remote is working with one ircDDB gateway and multiple radio’s. New versions will support more ircDDB gateways and will have the same functionality as the Android version. ( that’s the goal… 😉 )

Hope you like the this IOS version.. Was/is fun to make it!

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Oct 2014 19.50.24iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Oct 2014 20.08.23

Update: The new version can handle two ircDDBgateways and multiple radio’s.
The BETA program only works on IOS 8 but the final release will be available from iPhone4 and IOS 7.1 ( and higher ).

Update (20 nov 2014): Apple is reviewing my app at this moment. Hopefully they will deploy it within a few days.

Update (25 nov 2014): Apple published the app to the apple store. You can download it for free now!

Greets and 73,

David PD7L

Oct 12

Working on a iPhone/Ipad version of ircddbremote

First impression of the app. Most of the code i rewrote from Java to Objective C and the basic functionality is working now. The biggest challenge is the screen layouts ( iphone 4, iphone 5, iphone 6, ipad2, ipad 3 and all in landscape and portrait ).

Yes.. I am colour-blind.. I hope it’s blue and not purple.. 😉

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 12 Oct 2014 08.54.32

Oct 01

New toy!


My new toy! Now I can start to learn to write iPhone/iPad apps.

Aug 20

(No title)

Aug 05

MobaTerm 7.2 is ready for download.

  • Free X server fully configured (based on Xorg)
  • Tabbed terminal based on PuTTY / MinTTY with antialiased fonts and macro support
  • Easy DISPLAY exportation from any remote host
  • X11-Forwarding capability in OpenSSH
  • Several Unix/Linux commands based on Cygwin (rsync, wget, sed, awk, grep, cd, ls, cat, cp, …)
  • A session manager with all the network clients you need: RDP, VNC, SSH, telnet, rsh, FTP, SFTP and XDMCP
  • Program without installation that you can start from an USB stick
  • Light and portable application, packaged in a single executable




My hotspot in Spain.



Mikrotik HOWTO’s

Really great site with Mikrotik HOWTO’s. My favorite SOHO firewall!!

Jun 04

SSH button for android

Today i deployed a new android application called SSH button.

With the SSH button application you can send ssh commands to linux hosts via a button on your android device.
Simply create a new button and add the command you want to sent to the linux device.

You can specify per button:
– Label ( e.g. reboot raspberry or start application )
– Command to sent ( e.g. sudo reboot or sudo service httpd restart)
– ip adres or hostname
– username
– password
– ssh port

You can download this via the google play store.

Get it on Google Play

See what Maximilian Rottenkolber made using this app! 🙂


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