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Experimenting with DVAP, ThumbDV and BlueDV

Fun experiment. I converted DSTAR/DMR to the ThumbDV and forwarded it to a DVAP. The DVAP is transmitting/receiving in Analog!

BlueDV web Experiment

Last 3 days I was working on BlueDV WEB. My first web application. I used a ThumbDV for transcoding the DSTAR  and DMR stream to web. This version is not for download! The web app is linked to the reflector XLX076 D and DMR plus reflector.

Inrico T320

Yesterday  I received a Inrico T320 for test. This one is much better then the R77 I have.

Experimenting with ThumbDV and analog radio

Did some experiments with the ThumbDV or AMBE3000 and an analog radio. Very funny to experiment with. Sound is pretty good if you stay in range. Working now on experimental DSTAR control via analog DTMF. e.g. (DTMF) B7602 = XRF076 B I used a DRA818, but it is better to use the DATA port of …

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Experimenting with the F22 Plus voip wifi radio.

Well… The device gives a lot of white noise.. Nope other radio’s do better than this one. This version of BlueDV AMBE is not available yet.  

6 Channel USB AMBE Transcoder Kickstarter Has Started

The 6 channel USB AMBE transcoder Kickstarter has started! The 6 channel AMBE  transcoder is an ideal solution for the transcoding between DMR, DSTAR and Fusion. What does it do. It transcodes DSTAR to DMR, DMR to DSTAR, DSTAR to Fusion, Fusion to DMR… etc.. So when you are talking on DSTAR you can talk …

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PI2NOS project

See this amazing Dutch HAM project!!

Playing with the AMBE on Android

Experimenting on background task on Android

Experimenting with AMBE via OTG connected to Android