doozy-changelog ( working on )
– Select local area APRS server ( working on )
– Extending Busy in DPLUS ( working on ) ( Pre )
– DPLUS protocol changes. Thanks to Robin AA4RC. ( added Busy/Reject ) ( Pre )
– Removed duplicate GPS positions in APRS. Only sent GPS to APRS when something change.
– Call input is checking on strange characters
– Show if APRS is enabled on screen (pre)
– Added APRS. Now you can see your position on
– Added APRS IPv6 support
– Show the call from the radio on screen. ( was call from Doozy setup )
– Fix in hotspot mode ( yes, you can also do hotspot mode )
– Screen adjustments
– Small fixes
– Click on GPS icon to show on g00gle maps.
– Small screen adjustments
– Fix for Japanese repeaters
– Show text message and GPS when you TX
– Fixed crash on repeaters
– Call input in the Doozy setup can only be in capital now
– Current calls in lower case will be converted to capital. Lower case calls will give issues on DPLUS.
– If you do not enter a call in your radio Doozy will generate the call based on the call from the Doozy setup.
– Small fixes
– double click on the lastheard to show QRZ information
– Fixed issue with short calls. e.g. PD7L. Some reported issues on old DCS system.
– Added Lastheard box
– Added slow data text on screen
– Show own call when you press PTT
– Show GPS on screen from other station
– CPU issue fixed
– Green/Red/Blue indication screen
– Bug fixes
– Save the last used reflector
– Give beep back when you release the PTT