Please upgrade your DVMEGA firmware to version 3.07 or higher!!


BlueDV Android? What is it?

BlueDV Android is DMR/DSTAR and Fusion hotspot software for Android 4.x and higher.


Supported Protocols

  • DMR ( Brandmeister, DMR+ )


What do I need?



  • A BlueStack micro basic or plus.

( Combitronics sells a complete solution : Bundle )

How does it work?

See this video.


Does this also work on 3G/4G?

Yes! You can use it over 3G,4G( if your provider allows it ) and WIFI.

I already have a Raspberry PI single/dualband radio. Can I use it?

Yes you can! You only need to upgrade the firmware.
You can download the firmware at :
here is also a manual how to upgrade the DVMEGA available on the site!


Can I use any Android Phone/Tablet?

You phone/tablet needs

  • Minimal Quadcore CPU
  • BlueTooth
  • Good WiFi or 3G/4G

Should I change something on my DMR transeiver?

For Hytera:

For MD-380
Tytera MD-380

For CS700

Where can i find more information about the DVMEGA?



Where can I find more information about BlueStack?


Where can i find more information about the case


I already have a Raspberry PI with DVMEGA transceiver. Can I test the app without Bluetooth?

In the BlueDV android app there is a ser2net option that allows you to specify the ip address of the Raspberry PI.
More information will be available on the Dutch DVMEGA site.

Or this very nice site ( Tony G0WFV ):

You can also download a complete installed image with all software installed :

Do I need a new firmware on the DVMEGA to work with the BlueDV app?

Yes, this new firmware supports DSTAR, Fusion and DMR.
Can I use BlueDV in the background so I can make phonecalls and start other applications ?

No that is not possible. The BlueDV app must be in the foreground.

What DMR network is the BlueDV app using?

BlueDV app can only connect to the BrandMeister network. Because DMR+ is not an open network. I have an experimental version running on Windows.
I am using the HomeBrew protocol to connect to BrandMeister. The HomeBrew protocol is written by the DMR+ team.

Keep in mind: If you are connect on DMR+ to reflector 4001, you can not hear anyone on BrandMeister reflector 4001.
More information:

Cool Brandmeister feature :

The connection to the BlueDV disconnects very often

Some phones and tablets devices may have problems in order to maintain the bluetooth connection to BlueStack. This is NOT a BlueDV issue!

What is BER and what is Dropped in the upper right screen?

BER = Bit Errors from the transceiver to the DVMEGA. ( DMR only )

Dropped = The missing voice frames from the reflector. ( Frames that never received the phone )

When I select a Brandmeister master in setup and try to connect, I receive a message “Reject from DMR master”.

On most Brandmeister servers the password is: passw0rd or passw1rd
If you still have problems connecting to your local Brandmeister master, please consult your local brandmeister administrator for the correct password:

My ser2net is connected but nothing is happening

Start the BlueDV Android app. Press INFO. If you see DVMEGA_not_detected behind “Hardware” then the DVMEGA is in the wrong mode. make sure that the G4KLX software it not started at boot. Please remove the power from the raspberry/DVMEGA and start it up again.



I am not a company! I just wrote the software for fun! ( I have no commercial link with DVMEGA, combitronics or others )
Hope you have a lot of fun with the software!! Was really fun to make it!!

David PA7LIM


Change log: CHANGELOG


For safety reasons, I do not advise you to use the app while driving!