BlueDV for Android? What is it?

BlueDV Android is DMR/DSTAR and Fusion hotspot software for Android 4.x and higher.

Supported Protocols

  • DMR ( Brandmeister, DMR+ )

Supported Hardware

  • Android 4.0 or higher ( phone or tablet with bluetooth )
  • quad core cpu or higher
  • DMR, DSTAR or FUSION radio ( radio settings )
  • DVMEGA with BlueStack  ( BlueStack with DVMEGA )


  • Added experimental background feature in BlueDV Android. If there are to many issue, I will remove it again.
    Press the HOME button to let BlueDV to work for a while
    Press BACK button twice to Disconnect and close BlueDV
    If you press the off button when BlueDV is in the foreground, BlueDV will also disconnect.
    * Keep in mind! It is experimental! Do not expect BlueDV will run endless in background!! You can do some basic things in background like making call or reading email and then go back to the BlueDV screen.
  • Sound quality is based on your internet connection. ( WIFI, 3G or 4G )

Please upgrade your DVMEGA firmware to 3.18 or newer is available!! 

For more information in Japanse see website of Yutaka JA1COU  :

See this video.



I am not a company! I just wrote the software for fun! ( I have no commercial link with DVMEGA, combitronics or others )
Hope you have a lot of fun with the software!! Was really fun to make it!!

David PA7LIM


Change log: CHANGELOG


For safety reasons, I do not advise you to use the app while driving!