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I’ll be there too 🙂

Almost finished the AMBE3000 option. Added DMR listening. This feature will be enabled later.

Working on DVMEGA AMBE ( not for sale yet ) on BlueDV Windows ( 26-march-2017 )

Sound quality is very nice with the AMBE chip!! See video:

DMR+ is also implemented on Android now.

Playing with DVMEGA ambe3000 chip ( not in production yet )

Nice day at the Dutch HAM radio convention (DVDRA) with the DVMEGA development team.


YSF reflector dashboard

YSF reflector dashboard

Echotest with BlueDV and DVMEGA

  Working hard to get Fusion working on BlueDV! Sometimes some sound interrupts on TX but will be solved by Guus PE1PLM soon.  

Fusion almost working on BlueDV and DVMEGA


Just ordered this board for my EchoLink project

For more info: I ordered the VHF board for now until the UHF board is finished.