BETA version of ircDDB remote for iPhone/iPad available!


I did not payed the bill to to apple. It is to expensive to keep a free app alive in the store. And when you not pay Apple.. They remove the app from the store 🙁

After a few nights and weekends coding in Objective C and Swift I finished the first BETA version of the ircDDB remote for IOS.

For anyone who wants to test the BETA. Please sent me an email ( ) with your apple id email adres!
Apple provides an BETA deployment solution that only works on an IOS 8 device!!

This beta version of ircDDB remote is working with one ircDDB gateway and multiple radio’s. New versions will support more ircDDB gateways and will have the same functionality as the Android version. ( that’s the goal… 😉 )

Hope you like the this IOS version.. Was/is fun to make it!

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Oct 2014 19.50.24iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Oct 2014 20.08.23

Update: The new version can handle two ircDDBgateways and multiple radio’s.
The BETA program only works on IOS 8 but the final release will be available from iPhone4 and IOS 7.1 ( and higher ).

Update (20 nov 2014): Apple is reviewing my app at this moment. Hopefully they will deploy it within a few days.

Update (25 nov 2014): Apple published the app to the apple store. You can download it for free now!

Greets and 73,


Working on a iPhone/Ipad version of ircddbremote

I did not payed the bill to to apple. It is to expensive to keep a free app alive in the store. And when you not pay Apple.. They remove the app from the store 🙁

First impression of the app. Most of the code i rewrote from Java to Objective C and the basic functionality is working now. The biggest challenge is the screen layouts ( iphone 4, iphone 5, iphone 6, ipad2, ipad 3 and all in landscape and portrait ).

Yes.. I am colour-blind.. I hope it’s blue and not purple.. 😉

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 12 Oct 2014 08.54.32

New toy!


My new toy! Now I can start to learn to write iPhone/iPad apps.

(No title)

MobaTerm 7.2 is ready for download.

  • Free X server fully configured (based on Xorg)
  • Tabbed terminal based on PuTTY / MinTTY with antialiased fonts and macro support
  • Easy DISPLAY exportation from any remote host
  • X11-Forwarding capability in OpenSSH
  • Several Unix/Linux commands based on Cygwin (rsync, wget, sed, awk, grep, cd, ls, cat, cp, …)
  • A session manager with all the network clients you need: RDP, VNC, SSH, telnet, rsh, FTP, SFTP and XDMCP
  • Program without installation that you can start from an USB stick
  • Light and portable application, packaged in a single executable

My hotspot in Spain.


Mikrotik HOWTO’s

Mikrotik HOWTO’s

Really great site with Mikrotik HOWTO’s. My favorite SOHO firewall!!

SSH button for android

Today i deployed a new android application called SSH button.

With the SSH button application you can send ssh commands to linux hosts via a button on your android device.
Simply create a new button and add the command you want to sent to the linux device.

You can specify per button:
– Label ( e.g. reboot raspberry or start application )
– Command to sent ( e.g. sudo reboot or sudo service httpd restart)
– ip adres or hostname
– username
– password
– ssh port

You can download this via the google play store.

Get it on Google Play

See what Maximilian Rottenkolber made using this app! 🙂


Control your FT-897 with a python script

Tonight I was wandering if there was a way to control my Yaesu FT-897D with a python script from my Windows machine.. You can also do this from your Linux machine of course ( than use /dev/ttyUSB0 )..

My Yaesu FT-897D was connected to the COM5 of my windows 7 machine.

Keep in mind that you have to downloaded and installed the pySerial. ( pip install pyserial )

The code:

[sourcecode language=”python” wraplines=”false” collapse=”false”]
import serial
import struct
# By David PD7L
# Example to control your Yaesu FT-897
ser = serial.Serial(
# Put the yaesu FT-897 on freq 439.700
data = struct.pack(‘BBBBB’, 0x43, 0x97, 0x00, 0x00, 0x01)
# Read ack from the yaesu
s =

DSTAR arduino shield ( DVMEGA )

Yes! The new Dstar arduino shield ( DVMEGA ) has arrived ( dec 2013 )!!

The Shield must be placed on an Arduino Mega or Arduino UNO ( not included ). The DVMega has more functionality than the red dongle and it is much cheaper!! You can use the DVMega shield for 2M and 70CM!!
The DVMega is fully supported with the Jonathan G4KLX Software so you can set the frequency of the DVMega within dstarrepeater module.

DVMega on Arduino MEGA 2560

DVMega on the Arduino UNO

See for more information. You can buy this shield for around 85,– euro ( around 120 dollar ) at .

I was one of the first beta testers of the DVMEGA and I am VERY happy with it!!

This device works also great with the ircDDB remote for android :

Ideal configuration:

  • Raspberry PI model B
  • Raspberry Power supply 5V 1A ( use a stable one!! Else it will destroy your SD-card )
  • 4GB or 8GB SD-card class 10 ( 16 GB will not work  )
  • Arduino UNO ( can be a clone ) ( )
  • DVmega ( or )
  • Antenna SMA-Male 144/430Mhz ( Is not included with the DVMega )
  • SMA-male to SMA-Female 90ºC Adaptor ( nice! )
  • Ethernet cable and USB cable( short one )
  • Software image ( )

You can also expand this configuration with an WIFI usb adapter so you can connect it to a smartphone with internet and use it portable. Ideal to use it in the car or on vacation.

The DVMega is also running great with an intel Linux or Windows 7/8 machine running the Jonathan G4KLX software.

There is now a single band ( 70cm ) DVMEGA shield available to put directly on your Raspberry PI model B!!!

It’s also possible to order the DVmega in the UK:
On this site you can order a complete configuration of the DVmega. Antenna, DVMega, Arduino UNO, cables, pre-loaded software..

For more information and questions there is a forum at :
You can also find information at yahoo groups at :

They also sell cases for the DVmega.. Prise.. ?? ( review ?)


My Case.. Design by PD7A


Many thanks to PE1PLM who created this DVMega arduino shield!!

David PD7L