Peanut is back. The latest Android version is stable and gives me more time to spend with my family. When I have time, I can work on bugfixes and features. Many thanks for all your friendly emails!!

On the Peanut you can talk with HAM amateurs around the world via an Android device, network radio or Windows PC.
Peanut is free and only for HAM radio amateurs.

Supported hardware

  • Any Android device running Android 7.x or higher.
  • Any Windows 10 machine and higher

Supported OS

  • Android 7.x or higher.
  • Windows 10 and higher ( Keep in mind that Windows 7 and 8 are NOT supported anymore by Microsoft! )


  • To see all DPLUS ( The rooms starting with REF ) rooms you must be USTRUST registered!
  • Make sure you are DMR registered user to use and see the DMR rooms!
  • You need a Peanut code to enter the Peanut network. This will prevent not licensed Amateurs to use the app.

See if you are registered to USTRUST and DMR :

Click here if you want a CODE to login to the peanut system : peanut-request

สำหรับนักวิทยุสมัครเล่นไทย ลงทะเบียนขอโค้ดที่นี่


  • There are local rooms like SPANISH, DUTCH, ENGLISH, JAPANESE, KOREAN etc. These rooms are in HD quality.
  • The ROOMS like REF030C, XRF076C, XRF070C etc are linked to DSTAR. You can make a QSO with your phone/network radio to these reflectors. The rooms are transcoded with AMBE3000 chips located around the world.

List of rooms on the Global master:​

List of room on the Japanese master:


Android :

Windows :

Most frequently asked questions peanut-qa


You can see who is online via the peanut dashboard :



The transcoding between peanut and DSTAR/DMR/Fusion is done via DVSI AMBE3000 chips. If you are a administrator of an reflector/master and you want to connect your reflector/master to Peanut. read the following link.

Complete AMBE solutions:

XLX reflector club :

Solution that need AMBEServer on Raspberry PI:



If you are new to DSTAR/DMR or Fusion, the peanut project will give you a first impression to the world of digital HAM radio. The Peanut project will provide some reflectors but not all. If you want to make the next step, check out these nice ICOM radio’s ( ICOM ). If you do not have a local repeater, you can run your own hotspot ( DVMega, ZUMspot or MMDVM_HS) at home.

You can also buy your own AMBE3000 and use all DSTAR/DMR reflectors. You can use my other project software : bluedv

Things to know

  • Peanut for Android/Windows is using port 6667 UDP to the internet. it is NOT needed to open ports  from the internet to peanut device.
  • Do not use Peanut to interlink or bridge other systems! 
  • Peanut is beta. Use it at your own risk.
  • It is not allowed to login with your own build client! Only the clients made by PA7LIM and  LW6EMN are allowed.
  • There is no iPhone/iPad version of Peanut. Apple does not support experimental projects.
  • Do not drive and Peanut. Always watch the road!!
  • The Android app does not work in the background.
  • You can also use Peanut on Windows with an DVAP. ( You can use the DVAP as a analog hotspot )
  • I am not a company! I write code when I return from work and mostly at night.
  • F0 calls can only listen due French regulations.
  • DSTAR reflector admins can add their reflector when they have an AMBE3000 server with ThumbDV or DVStick30. Complete solution are from ZUM AMBE board and Japanese XLX team. see:

Sometimes I post some new things or updates in the Peanut facebook group:

Thanks to Yoshi JH1TWX and Andre PD1AEU. Both spend a lot of time testing and administrate the project. This gives me more time to work on several projects.

Keep in mind.. It is experimental! I am writing this software for fun and have no commercial intentions. Peanut is only for HAM amateurs!

Have fun experimenting!

David PA7LIM

To support the peanut project.