DSTAR hosts files

Hosts files

The following DSTAR hosts files are used in BlueDV Windows, Linux and Android.

DEXTRA  http://www.arrg.us/HF/DExtra_Hosts.txt
DPLUS http://www.arrg.us/HF/DPlus_Hosts.txt
DCS http://www.arrg.us/HF/DCS_Hosts.txt

Edit or add the hosts files

If you want to add/edit a host in the hosts file, please sent Steve ( no9s@xlxreflector.org )  an email with the following information.


XRF707 xlx.pa7lim.nl


  • Use a domain name. Not an IP address!
  • Before sending Steve an email, check if the reflector is already taken

Using the hosts files


The manual Steve wrote for ircDDBGateway : http://arrg.us/HF/index.htm

BlueDV Android

Restart the app or restart your phone.

BlueDV Windows

There is an option in the top menu of BlueDV to update the hosts files. Restart the app.