Q: I get an connection refused.
A: Make sure you upgrade the Peanut app to the latest version!
A: Make sure your entered the code correctly

Q: When I press PTT on the Android version, nothing happens or it disconnects.
A: Make sure you give Peanut rights to use the microphone in Android. This is a setting in Android.

Q: How can I get a code for Peanut?
A: You can request a code via this webpage :

Q: On Android, I cannot transmit.
A: Make sure you give Peanut microphone rights. This is a setting in Android.

Q: Is a DMR ID the same as a Peanut code?
A: No, this is not the same

Q: When I request a code I cannot upload a PDF document.
A: Use a PDF to JPG or PNG converter on the internet. You can also take a picture with your phone of your PC screen showing the license.

Q: When I request a code, I get an error.
A: Rename the picture of your license to license.jpg

Q: I do not have a digital license document
A: Take a picture with your phone of the license and upload it

Q: Is it allowed to link my own reflector or system to a room?
A: No, that is not allowed

Q: I want to connect my D-STAR, DMR or Fusion reflector to Peanut. Is that possible?
A: Yes, see this document.

Q: I want a new room for me and my friends. Is that possible?
A: Yes, sent me an email with the room name ( a maximum of 8 characters ), 2 letter country code, short room description ( a maximum of 50 characters). Keep in mind that rooms that are not used very often will be removed by the system

Q: What happens with my license when I upload it?
A: Once you received the code, your license will be removed from the server.

Q: Will there be an Apple version of Peanut?
A: No, I stopped Apple development. It is too stressful and expensive.

Q: I registered for a code but I am waiting now for 2 days.
A: We mostly respond within 1 day. Check your spam box for the code.