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Development on iOS has stopped! My MAC died and not going to buy a new one. 

BlueDV for iOS ( Experimental )

Keep in mind! I am writing this software for free. It is a hobby project!
The development on this project is stopped!

Apple removed the app from the store! It is not downloadable anymore.

Supported Protocols

  • DMR ( Brandmeister, DMR+ )
  • Fusion ( YSF, FCS )

Supported Hardware


  • Does not run with current ( BlueStack ) Bluetooth 2.0 hardware. You need iBlueStack.
  • Fusion can run in background but sound can be broken.
  • No DSTAR!

BlueDV iOS can run in background! When the phone is in locked state or the screen is off, the connection will ( sometimes ) be timed out after 10 minutes.

It is not needed to pair the iBlueStack in iOS. BlueDV will pair it for you.

The App will be free again. Hope you have fun with it!


David PA7LIM


See my progress updates..