What do you need to add your DSTAR ( DEXTRA/DPLUS ) reflector to peanut.

  • Install a Raspberry PI with raspbian
  • Connect an AMBE3000 stick like DVStick30 or ThumbDV ( I do not support illegal/fake chips! )
  • Install the AMBEServer software ( make sure it survive a reboot )
  • Open port 2460 UDP ( or other port ) on your firewall towards the raspberry PI
  • Make sure the admin of the reflector give you permission to link Peanut to his reflector!!!
  • Make sure the AMBEServer is behind a static public IP!!
  • Sent me the following information
Description of the reflectorThis reflector is for HAM club XYZ
Hostname of the Raspberry
Port of the AMBEServer2460
Hostname of the DSTAR
Reflector name/mod ( DPLUS/DEXTRA )XRF707B
Admin name/emailDavid PA7LIM