This software converts an AMBE3003 (2nd Stick) to three additional AMBE3000 AMBEServers.

Install the latest Raspbian on a Raspberry PI.

  • This software does not convert one AMBE3000 to three AMBE3000!!
  • The AMBEServer3003 software is free but without support!! ( You can report bugs )
  • Make sure you have a 2.1A power supply. ( not a cheap 2.1A power supply )
  • Only start with this installation if you have knowledge of Linux
  • There is also a Windows 10 version available for this software
  • Do not install the graphical version of Raspbian. This gives a lot of overhead
  • Make sure you installed the latest version of Raspbian
  • Change the default pi and root user password!!
  • Do not forget to extend the disk partition in the raspi-config after installation of Debian

Download the AMBEServer3003-2 install script

wget -O /tmp/

Install the AMBEServer3003-2 software

sudo bash /tmp/ 

Configure AMBEServer3003-2

Edit the configuration file. If different than below.


The default port for the second AMBE3003 stick is /dev/ttyUSB1 when no other devices are connected to the computer.

# Never enable debug logging!

Start the AMBEServer3003-2

#To start the AMBEServer3003-2
systemctl start AMBEServer3003-2

#To enable AMBEServer3003-2 at boot
systemctl enable AMBEServer3003-2

Have fun !!
David PA7LIM