BlueDV Windows with AMBE3000

With BlueDV Windows and an AMBE3000 you can make a QSO via your sound card. No hotspot or radio’s are needed. For around $110 you can make QSO’s on DMR, DSTAR and Fusion.

BlueDV windows supports the following protocols. ( from version 9580 )

  • DMR
  • Fusion ( YSF, FCS )

BlueDV windows works with the following AMBE3000 solutions

  • NWDR ThumbDV ( shop )
  • DVMEGA DVStick ( shop )
  • ZUM AMBE board ( shop ) ( this device is already an AMBEServer )

The AMBE3000 ( ThumbDV/DVStick30) chips support the most common Fusion DN mode ( voice narrow ) and not the WV ( Wide Voice ) mode.

You can download the latest version at the following location :


  • Set the AMBE3000 baudrate to 460800 in BlueDV
  • Make sure you have an USB port with sufficient power
  • BlueDV Windows works only on Windows 10.
  • You can also connect your MMDVM hotspot. See:

The software is free to use. I wrote this software just for fun.

David PA7LIM ( )