Update 2/8/2021 : If BlueDV windows crashes when you save the config. Please select an YSF server in the setup and then press save.

BlueDV Windows with AMBE3000

With BlueDV Windows and an AMBE3000 you can make a QSO via your sound card. No hotspot or radio’s are needed. For around $110 you can make QSO’s on DMR, DSTAR and Fusion.

Some users ask me why other software can use DSTAR, Fusion and DMR without DVSI AMBE3000. Keep in mind! This is NOT legal! You are breaking the DVSI patents!

BlueDV windows supports the following DV protocols.

  • DMR
  • Fusion ( YSF, FCS ) ( only in DN mode )

BlueDV windows works with the following AMBE3000 solutions

  • NWDR ThumbDV ( shop )
  • DVMEGA DVStick ( shop )
  • ZUM AMBE board ( shop ) ( this device is already an AMBEServer )

The AMBE3000 ( ThumbDV/DVStick30) chips support the most common Fusion DN mode ( voice narrow ) and not the WV ( Wide Voice ) mode.

You can download the latest version at the following location :


  • Set the AMBE3000 baudrate to 460800 in BlueDV
  • Make sure you have an USB port with sufficient power
  • BlueDV Windows works in Windows 10 en 11.
  • You can also connect your MMDVM hotspot. See:

Manual: ( Many thanks to Shu JA3GQJ !! )
Translated manual to Italian :

The software is free to use. I wrote this software just for fun.

David PA7LIM ( )