What is AMBE3000™.

Digital Voice System’s AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip is an extremely flexible, voice compression solution that sets a new standard for quality, high-performance speech compression hardware. The AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip is a DSP-based vocoder that provides exceptional voice quality at rates as low as 2000 bps. The AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip offers the affordability and mobility required by virtually all full or half-duplex mobile communication devices. Its superior performance and flexible design configurations makes it an ideal choice for commercial, consumer and military communication applications.

In other words. The chip can convert PCM audio to and from digital voice ( DSTAR, DMR and Fusion ).

You put your AMBE3000™ stick in your PC and make QSO’s via headset or microphone and speaker.
There is no need for an expensive digital radio.



What AMBE sticks are available?

I tested the following AMBE3000™ USB sticks

DVMEGA DVstick 30

The DVstick 30 stick is available now!

You can find more information here:



Find more information on this website

I only support original AMBE chips from DVSI.

What BlueDV software can be used with AMBE3000™

BlueDV Windows

Supports mode : DSTAR and DMR

BlueDV Android ( experimental software, no support )

Supports mode : DSTAR and DMR


AMBE3003™ USB stick by DVMEGA

Mainly used to transcode multiple streams at the same time.

More information soon how to use the sticks and install/configure it for XLX.