Welcome to my PA7LIM website! I’m David and I live in Utrecht with my girlfriend and beautiful daughter.

My occupation is Linux/Network/Cloud consultant at a company in The Netherlands. Certified in VCP, CCNP datacenter, CCNP routing/switching,  CCDP, LPI 1&II, RHCE (almost RHCA).

In my private life I like to play/listen music, play golf, drive motor.

In May 2013 I passed my Novice HAM license ( PD7L ) and 4 months later I bought my icom ID-51E and red dongle. The combination of HAM radio and programming brought me to the idea to write an android application called ircDDB remote.

In March 2015 I passed my Full license ( thanks to PA3GER and PA3FMN) . My new call is now PA7LIM.

In the summer of 2015 I started a new project. I tried to make a DSTAR hotspot/dongle on an Android phone. ( thanks YouTube how to make an Android app )
I received an AMBE3000 board from Guus PE1PLM en started to build the software. After a few weeks of wiresharking (network sniffer) the G4KLX software, I was able to make my first QSO from an Android phone. Then I started to make a hotspot with the DVMEGA dual band transceiver, so I could make a QSO from a ICOM transceiver. In 2016 I got in touch with Rudy PD0RZY, who helped me to understand the Brandmeister DMR part. In the meanwhile Guus PE1PLM made the DVMEGA DMR ready and Ruud PE1MSZ made the Bluetooth board. In February 2016 I had a working DSTAR and DMR hotspot. End of 2016 I started with a new programming language and made BlueDV for Windows and Linux.

Begin of 2017 I started iOS programming and made BlueDV for iOS. Took me a lot of time to make this because of issues with BLE timing.

In Jun 2017 I started coding with the AMBE3000 chip. BlueDV Windows supports the AMBE chip now ( ThumbDV and other DV3000 chips ).  Windows can do now DSTAR and DMR.
October 2017 I added the AMBE chip for Android. This project is not supported because of all other projects. Take a look at the garage page on my website.
November 2017 I added DMR simple mode on the Windows version. No need anymore for a codeplug. Just enter the talkgroup and G/P in the screen and PTT on your radio.
December 2017 waiting on a new WIFI/3G radio to arrive so I will try to add AMBE to it ( OTG or AMBEServer ).
Begin 2018 Working on Android AMBE. Lot of challenges. Also started on learning C++. I also learned JavaScript, CSS and HTML and made a web listener. Now you can listen to DSTAR, DMR or/and C4FM. See: dashboard.pa7lim.nl:8080 .
I also worked on an analog project. Now you can use the DVAP as an analog hotspot. The reflector software was also written by me and is running on a Windows machine. See: dashboard.pa7lim.nl:5678 It is also possible to transcode analog to DSTAR or DMR but I disabled that feature. Need mode time to tune the code.
Mid 2018 DSTAR and DMR is working on Android with AMBE. working on now C4FM on AMBE and rewriting the OTG module.
Aug 2018 Going to JARL Tokyo HAM vention with Guus!! Yeah! Looking forward to this! I am receiving a lot of help from the Japanese Reflector club! I am looking forward to meet them!
The visit in Japan was amazing!! It was an amazing experience to meet so many friendly people! The XLX reflector club gave us an amazing experience! Looking forward to meet them again!  During the visit in Japan, I designed the peanut project. …


David PA7LIM

DMR/DSTAR: 2043042